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Orion OEM provides the most flexible software license management tool in the market. Choose from a wide range of deployment options. Realize an extensive array of licensing models with a single application integration. Experience true flexibility with Orion’s extensive capabilities.



Orion OEM is the most comprehensive software license management tool in the market, with the widest range of capabilities and language / platform support. Orion’s capacity and scalability are unmatched. This enables you to address virtually any licensing requirement without constraint.



Sometimes even a comprehensive licensing solution may be insufficient for unanticipated requirements. Orion OEM enables you to extend the license server’s functionality, such as adding custom plugins, and custom porting to non-standard platforms, including embedded systems.

Enterprise Class, Multiplatform Solution

The Orion OEM software license management tool is available for and supports Multiplatform Java and C/C++ on all major enterprise and embedded system platforms. Orion OEM supports enterprise application servers implemented in multiplatform C/C++, native Java and .NET languages. Built-in platform support for C/C++ applications includes Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and Solaris 32/64-bit architectures. In addition, Agilis’ custom porting program enables rapid porting of the Orion client library to esoteric embedded system platforms and flash memory based systems.
multiplatform software license management tool

Flexible Deployment Options

flexible licensing

You have the flexibility to adapt to to your customer’s deployment constraints. Where feasible, you can host the Orion server in order to reduce the operations costs associated with redistribution. You also have the option to redistribute the Orion server to your enterprise customers when they prohibit any Internet access or otherwise prefer to autonomously manage the Orion server installations.

Secure and Nonintrusive

Give your customer all the licensing freedom and flexibility you want – without risk to your revenue or inflicting operational overhead on you or your customer. Both your legitimate end customers and your operations team will appreciate the frictionless automation and remote-control security. In addition to the security being non intrusive, it is also more secure from licensing abuse than our competitors’ products. Some protection features include: system clock tamper detection, metered state rollback detection, licensing cloning by end customer protection, and much more. View all the security features.
software software license management tool

More Licensing Models and Configurations than our Competition

license models

With a single application integration, realize the widest range of licensing models including product activation, floating licensing, and enterprise license pools. With each licensing model, you can associate a wide range of parameters such as absolute / relative time limited licensing with grace and warning threshold, usage-based metered licensing, feature and leased licensing, and much more. See the full list of license models, parameters, and configurations.

Single API integration for all license models

You can incur a one-time development effort to protect your application with multiple license models for the full range of network connectivity, and defer the selection of the license model and Orion server deployment to application deployment time simply by controlling a few runtime parameters. This enables you to deploy the same binary code for Internet-based product activation and LAN-based floating licensing, for example.
API integratoin

Auditing, Reporting, Analytics, and Real Time Alerts


Orion OEM provides a comprehensive set of operational reports that enable you to track the current state of your licenses, such as expiring subscription licenses. All licensing and license administration activities are also captured in an audit trail that may be consulted to pinpoint specific actions by specific individuals as part of an auditing process, as well as to obtain historical and analytic reports for gaining insights into your business. To support proactive operations and sales opportunity management, Orion OEM includes a configurable rules-based real time alert system that can be used to alert sales representatives to trial-license activations and expiring licenses, and operations personnel to operations-level events such as attempted security breaches and capacity limits.

Rapid and Risk-Free Application and Back Office Integration

Unlike our competitors who charge a premium for mandatory integration consulting services, we offer complimentary consulting services to ensure you have a successful experience with our products. Our complimentary consulting services enables a rapid and risk free integration with your application and back office systems, and ensures that you utilize our products in the most effective manner.
no risk

Orion OEM Software License Management Tool Details

The Orion OEM software license management tool can simultaneously function as a redistributed or hosted product activation server, floating license server, complex-configuration license server and software asset and activity tracking server, to protect and manage licenses for applications, plug-ins and cloud/mobile application servers implemented in multiplatform C/C++, native Java or .NET languages. Built-in platform support for C/C++ applications includes Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and Solaris 32/64-bit architectures. In addition, Agilis’ custom porting program enables rapid porting of the Orion client library to esoteric embedded system platforms and flash memory based systems.


Orion’s licensing capabilities include online and offline product activation, floating licensing and enterprise pools, for both named and anonymous users. License configurations include absolute and relative time limited licensing, metered licensing, standalone and pooled features, and complex configurations of licenses and features.


Orion’s security features are designed to be non-intrusive: without compromising licensing security, you can delegate functions such as license relocation to your customers in order to enhance their user experience (a key issue with licensing systems) and at the same time eliminate your licensing operations costs. With Orion’s product activation capabilities in conjunction with Orion’s fuzzy machine fingerprinting library, node locking is automatic and at the same time secure and flexible – you control the level of strictness of node lock checks with respect to hardware configuration changes.


The Orion server maintains a comprehensive audit trail that enables you to audit your customers’ activities as well as run comprehensive analytics reports for business intelligence.


To support proactive operations and sales opportunity management, Orion provides a number of operational reporting and real time alert capabilities. These may be used to proactively alert sales personnel of expiring subscription or trial licenses, generate reports on expiring and / or other licenses, and alert sales and / or operations personnel of events of interest such as customer license activations and system issues, respectively.

Application Types

  • Desktop applications (Internet-connected / disconnected)
  • Server applications (multithreaded, multiprocess, clustered)
  • Plug-ins (desktop and server)
  • Cloud server applications
  • Enterprise desktop applications
  • Enterprise server applications
  • Embedded system applications
  • Hardware / software appliances


Application Language / Platform Support

  • Multiplatform C/C++ client libraries for 32/64-bit Windows on Intel, 32/64-bit Linux on Intel (three individual sets of distributions for Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat editions), 32/64-bit Solaris on Intel / SPARC, 32/64-bit Mac OS X Intel / PPC
  • Native multiplatform Java client library
  • .NET languages (C#, Visual Basic .NET, …) on Windows via ActiveX DLL
  • C/C++ embedded-platform client library (custom-developed via Agilis custom porting program

Deployment Options

  • Deployable to any Java-enabled platform
  • Redistributed to enterprise customer
  • Hosted by you
  • Hosted by Agilis (Acropolis)
  • Embedded directly in license-protected Java server application
  • Deploy on Intranet / WAN / VPN
  • Deploy over Internet w/ Firewall / Proxy Server / DMZ

    Programmatic Integration

    • Unix shell and DOS command line administration tools for scripting
    • Language-independent Web Services administration API
    • Java-based administration APIs
    • XML-based license configuration
    • Extensible APIs and data structures
    • License server: server programming interface for extensibility
    • Demo starter applications with source code

License Models

  • Single-user desktop
  • Single-user server
  • Concurrent-user desktop
  • Concurrent-user server
  • Named-user product activation
  • Named-user floating
  • Anonymous-user product activation
  • Anonymous-user floating
  • Weighted-anonymous-user floating
  • Weighted-anonymous-user product activation
  • Composite license models

License Parameters and Configurations:

  • Absolute time limited with configurable grace and warning threshold
  • Relative time limited with configurable grace and warning threshold
  • Single trial license for anonymous product download sites
  • Metered / quota limited with configurable grace and warning threshold
  • Concurrent user limit
  • Automatic leased licensing with revocability
  • Composite, nested, recursive licenses
  • License sharing control
  • Enterprise license pools
  • Extensible client library functionality
  • Extensible license server functionality

  • Complex multiparameter extensible node locking
  • System clock tamper detection
  • Metered state rollback detection
  • Protection from license cloning by end customer
  • Audit trail of all licensing activities
  • Protection from client library spoofing
  • Protection from man-in-the-middle attacks (confidentiality, authentication, integrity, non-repudiation)
  • Public key encryption for secure network communication
  • Secure offline license activation / deactivation
  • Rules-based host access control

  • Operational and historical reports
  • Screen-viewable / downloadable / APIs / command line
  • Audit trail with configurable audit verbosity
  • Historical audit reporting
  • Rules-based real time event alerts
  • Historical aggregate audit reporting
  • Operational reporting
  • Operational aggregate reporting
  • Expiring-license reports
  • Expiring-license and activation real time alerts

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