Monetize your cloud services using cloud-centric network licensing technology

Leverage Orion’s cloud licensing capabilities to expand market segments.

The Only Effective Cloud Software Licensing Solution:

Internet scalability across all categories of remote devices

Orion is the only license server technology that uses Internet protocols and offers both named-user and anonymous-user floating licensing, scales to millions of concurrent licenses, and controls remote devices from your Orion-integrated cloud server application.

New business models with cloud licensing

Enable new business models such as: complex permutations of subscription licensing, feature licensing, pay-per-use licensing, hourly software rental & enterprise floating licensing.

Audit trail, operational reports and business intelligence

Orion provides an audit trail for auditing and generating historical aggregate business reports, and operational data for generating reports on the current state of the system.

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Benefits of Cloud Software Licensing with Orion:

Why use software licensing for cloud services?

When the topic of software licensing arises in the context of cloud services, a common reaction is: “the cloud server is hosted by us, so why do we need to node-lock it?”. Partially true (although appropriate node-locking is relevant when the developer of the cloud server licenses it to multiple cloud service providers who individually host the server). More important, cloud software licensing is about much more than mere node locking – even a system that is perceived to not require node locking needs to incorporate licensing technology at some level in order to realize subscription licensing, metered licensing, feature licensing and permutations thereof. While it is simple to reinvent the wheel and implement basic subscription management and capacity-limit-based licensing as part of the cloud server implementation, all these capabilities and more are provided out-of-the-box with Orion. Where node locking is required for the cloud server, Orion’s product activation capabilities make the node locking seamless and non-intrusive. And additional capabilities that do require under-the-covers node locking at the client device level are also possible, such as remote node locking of mobile devices and cloud-based floating licensing for enterprise customers from the same hosted service that is used for individuals and small businesses.

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Additional cloud-based business models made possible with Orion’s cloud software licensing capabilities

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Integrating a cloud server with a sophisticated software license management solution such as Agilis’ Orion network licensing platform enables several business models such as advanced subscription models that go beyond simple home-grown capacity-based subscription models that are currently prevalent. For example, licensing can instead / additionally be based on feature-by-feature pay-per-use, and time-based software rental models. Physical users’ sharing of user licenses can be restricted, so as to enable pricing of user licenses to small-customer segments with no minimum-users constraint. Licensing can be restricted to specific devices or device categories, or priced differently for different categories of remote devices (for example, a higher fee for a tablet vs a smartphone). And when the software underlying the cloud service is to be offered to enterprises based on concurrent-user limits, this can be provided from the same hosted cloud service instead of requiring a separate version of the server software that is redistributed to end customer sites and separately licensed with a redistributed floating license server.

Licensing in the cloud

Orion itself is offered as a cloud service as part of the Acropolis and Nephele service offerings, so there is no overhead in installing and operating an Orion server – simply integrate the Orion client library with your cloud server application, sign up for Acropolis or Nephele as appropriate, and you’re ready to switch on your cloud service.

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