About Agilis

AgilisHQSF Established in 2002, Agilis Software is an infrastructure software company headquartered in downtown San Francisco, CA. We pride ourselves in being a world-class company that markets our products and solutions to a worldwide customer base.

We develop and market software license management solutions that are relied on by software vendors and hardware / software systems vendors in a wide range of industries and market segments. Our solutions are particularly suited to agile companies with complex licensing requirements in the enterprise software, embedded systems and cloud software industries. Please click here for a representative sampling of customers of Agilis Software’s license management solutions.

Agilis is proud of the minimal environmental impact of our business. We strive to use information technology and the Internet to avoid the carbon emissions from travel and shipping, and to eliminate paperwork.

Agilis is self-funded and profitable, with zero debt.

About You

We have found over time that agile ISVs, cloud service providers and embedded system vendors that have sophisticated and evolving licensing requirements value our solutions the most. Technological sophistication and breadth of capabilities and platform support are our clear differentiators.

With the availability of our affordable Nephele license subscription service, we are now able to address the budgetary constraints of small companies having simple or complex licensing requirements, without compromising on the ability of our solutions to scale with your market growth.

Why Agilis

Our Solutions:
We believe we offer the finest and highest-business-value commercial license management solutions available in the industry, and we back our solutions up with excellent technical support. Software license management is what we do and the only thing that we do.
Our Culture:
We place a tremendous focus on professionalism and integrity. To our detriment (but to your benefit as a customer), we tend to be perfectionists and excellence-oriented, with respect to our core product offerings as well as supporting our OEM customer base. As a customer, we want you to have a successful experience with our products as well as in your interactions with our company.

Our Story

The idea of building a commercial software licensing product began after the founder had implemented a number of simple “”roll your own”” licensing solutions in order to license protect software products over the course of a number of software engineering jobs. As new licensing scenarios and security vulnerabilities were identified, the implementations mushroomed into a significant software development effort, and the opportunity for a “”cheaper faster better”” commercial license management product was thus identified.

Agilis Software was launched in September 2002 as a self-funded lean startup, concurrent with our first product launch: EasyLicenser, an easy-to-use and low-cost license key based license manager product that was at the same time versatile and secure. We achieved our first sale within six weeks of product launch over the Internet, and over the next few years we accumulated a significant worldwide customer base.

We inferred from customer feedback that whereas a license key based system such as EasyLicenser addressed many important licensing requirements, what was really needed was a frictionless licensing system that offered a higher level of flexibility and “trust but verify” non-intrusiveness. Cloud systems and enterprise software imposed additional requirements. In response, we developed the versatile Internet protocol based Orion network licensing platform. In each and every category of functionality, we engineered Orion to provide clear and compelling business benefit differentiators over equivalent competitors’ offerings.

As we marketed Orion, we felt it would be beneficial to offer our Orion customers a license server hosting option, in order to eliminate the uptime risk and infrastructure, setup and operations costs associated with operating a server. To address this need, we engineered Orion for multi-tenancy, and offered it as part of our Acropolis hosting service.

By this time, we had shifted to an OEM sales model, and our licensing solutions, while priced appropriately for their level of functionality, were affordable primarily to established companies. What smaller companies (especially lean startups with unproven business models or a track record of success in the marketplace) needed was a way to manage payment terms as well as risk capital outlay, and a way to scale as their business grew – all without compromising licensing capabilities. In response, we have engineered Orion as well as our website and business processes to deliver the new Nephele cloud-based monthly license subscription service with tiered monthly subscription pricing.


Vinay Sabharwal | CEO & CTO
Vinay has over twenty years experience as an engineering manager, architect and consultant in the development of online transaction processing systems, database internals, middleware and applications at database / middleware companies including Oracle, Tandem and startup companies, and enterprise / eCommerce / Internet client organizations including Lycos, Hewlett-Packard and startups. He has an MSCS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a BSEE from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.