Santa Clara, California, December 4, 2012. Agilis Software today announced a new release of their flagship Orion network licensing platform product that incorporates new capabilities to lower operations costs for complex license deployment scenarios, assist in proactive sales opportunity management and perform analytics for business intelligence.

The new capabilities in Orion version 2.0.12 are primarily in the areas of deployability, manageability, administration and reporting. The corresponding business benefits are primarily reduced vendor operating costs, enhanced end customer administration experience, business intelligence for both the vendor and the end customer, and proactive sales opportunity management for the vendor.

Reduced operations costs and enhanced end-customer experience for redistributed license server administration:

Complex licensing made easy and secure: Enterprise vendors that redistribute the Orion server to end customer sites can now easily deploy complex server licenses (for example, multiple pooled feature licenses under a master license) to end-customers’ administrators by simply defining the entire complex configuration directly in the Orion license key and then shipping just the single key to the end-customer’s administrator. The enterprise vendor can optionally define the complex configuration to be tamper-proof while at the same time permitting the end customer’s administrator to perform day-to-day system administration and user management.

Relaxed node locking for flexibility in redistributed license server deployment: When issuing redistributed Orion server license keys to enterprise end customers, node locking can be relaxed at the vendor’s discretion in order to enable the end customer’s administrator to defer the decision on operating system user name and Orion service name instead of requiring this information at the time of license key generation.

Reduced operations costs and enhanced end-customer experience for hosted enterprise license pool administration:

When an enterprise vendor hosts enterprise license pools under Orion, either directly or via Agilis’ Acropolis hosting service, administration of users within the pools is typically delegated to end customers’ administrators subject to restrictions motivated by security concerns. It is now possible for vendors to relax the restrictions at their discretion, specifically the restriction on cancellation of active checkouts through end customer administrative action, and instead rely on the transparency and visibility available via the audit trail and event alerter mechanisms. Both the vendors’ and end customers’ operations costs are reduced as a result.

Improved business intelligence:

New reporting capabilities enable both the vendor and end customer to obtain better insights into license usage:
Sum-based aggregate reports: The Orion administration API supports sum-based aggregate reporting in addition to the current count-based aggregate reporting, in order to more directly support usage tracking scenarios where usage is measured and recorded in audit trail entries as checkout points.

Actual-checkout-duration reports: The audit trail captures the actual checkout duration for both normal and implicit checkins. The information facilitates future license capacity planning.

Proactive sales opportunity management:

New reporting and real-time alerting capabilities enable the vendor to be alerted to sales opportunities presented by expiring trials and subscription licenses, as well as by license pool usage approaching licensed limits:

Expiring-license operational reports: It is possible to search for expiring / expired licenses (time-limited and / or quota limited) at multiple levels. Automatic expiring-license alerts: An automatic license-expiration-detection daemon can be enabled and configured to periodically detect and email alerts for expiring / expired licenses (time-limited and / or quota limited).

Automatic usage-limit alerts: The concurrent-usage sampler daemon can be configured to additionally detect and generate email alerts corresponding to license pools whose concurrent-user usage levels are within a specified warning threshold of their respective limits.

About Agilis Software
Established in 2002, Agilis Software LLC is a Santa Clara, CA based company that develops and markets software license management solutions that are relied on by software vendors and hardware/software systems vendors worldwide in a wide range of industries and market segments. Agilis’s solutions are particularly suited to agile companies with complex licensing requirements. Visit for further information.

About Orion
Orion is a versatile, highly-scalable and highly-available Internet-protocol based network licensing platform that can function as a redistributed or hosted product activation server, floating license server, legacy license key distribution server and software asset and activity tracking server, to protect and manage licenses for applications implemented in multiplatform C/C++, native Java or .NET languages. Platform support for C/C++ applications includes Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and Solaris 32/64-bit architectures. In addition, Agilis’ custom porting program enables rapid porting of the Orion client library to esoteric embedded system platforms and flash memory based systems. Visit for further information.

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