Flexible, Invisible Licensing Taken To A New Level With Orion 2.5 Release

March 5, 2014: We are pleased to announce general availability of the Orion 2.5 license server. Orion 2.5 rounds out the already-comprehensive capabilities of our flagship product with new features that offer the following key benefits:

  • Operational efficiency through frictionless Orion server license administration, for both you and your enterprise customer:

    The Orion license server now implements product activation technology for its licensing, as an alternative to the current EasyLicenser license key based mechanisms. The same benefits that have always been available for Orion-protected applications through the use of product activation technology are now available for provisioning the Orion server licenses – to you as well as your enterprise customers to whom you redistribute the Orion server.

    Now you can obtain, manage and reallocate your Orion server product licenses from Agilis’ servers in self-service mode, even if your Orion server does not have Internet connectivity to Agilis’ hosted machines. Likewise, your enterprise customers to whom you redistribute the Orion server can obtain their Orion server licenses from your servers, as well as autonomously relocate and return licenses or rearrange usage of an allocated pool of licenses among multiple products, all without compromising licensing security or incurring operational overhead – with or without Internet connectivity to your servers.

    The existing EasyLicenser license key based method for licensing servers continues to be supported for compatibility, so as to avoid disruption to our current customers’ license provisioning processes.

  • Enhanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities:

    An enhanced set of analytic and operational reports are available, both with Orion’s administrator user interface and via Web Services APIs. You can also automatically and transparently capture Orion’s audit trail data in real time in an external JDBC-accessible database of your choice for developing and running custom reports using third party tools, without incurring operational overhead or restrictions on database size.

  • Enhanced back office integration options:

    The existing SOAP based administration Web Services API is complemented with a simplified and functionally complete HTTP POST based Web Services API. This adds proper concurrency control mechanisms in order to support multiple administrators simultaneously performing administrative functions with the API and user interface.

The release includes several other license server administration enhancements, including improvements to administrator password management and recovery procedures, and online diagnostics and real time administrative alerts on live production systems. Finally, several bug fixes have been incorporated into the release.

Current customers may view full details of the release content in the What’s New In Orion 2.5 Release chapter of the product documentation, which is accessible by logging in to the member portal.

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