Our solutions mostly run in internal security zones so we have to support activation of licenses on systems that have no external network connections. Orion’s self-service activation of node-locked licenses in disconnected mode enables us to accomplish this objective with no operations overhead for Liaison.”

-Dameion Dorsner, Lead Software Architect, Liaison Technologies

Agilis supports all our requirements – node-locked, floating and pay-per-use – with one licensing solution and low operations costs. We are very satisfied with their flexibility, stability and security.”

-Laurent Py, CEO, Smartesting

Our system integrator customers love the pay-per-use model supported by Orion because they can assign Production Units to different projects, making tracking costs per project a trivial exercise. If they had instead purchased a perpetual license they would have a complex costing problem when billing each end-customer. Also, the entry cost is low, so they reduce their risk, and pay-per-use means they avoid wasting money on unused ‘shelfware’.”

-Arnaud Bouzy, Product Manager, CameronTec

We are very happy with Orion. Even though we did not fully leverage Orion’s full range of capabilities, it has met all our needs for the past three years and been very easy to integrate and administer. We now intend to go one step further and use Agilis’s hosted Acropolis service and the Acropolis Integration Manager (AIM) license lifecycle management solutions to virtually eliminate all administration and operations overhead, as well as improve our customers’ experience.”

-Martin Crisp, CTO, Blueprint Software Systems

Orion integrates smoothly into our backoffice to deliver a secure, automated, feature-licensing solution for our network adapters and controllers.”

-Satish Lakshmanan, Director of Product Marketing for the Host Systems Group, QLogic

Our customers find the installation of the Orion License Server to be pretty straight forward. Occasionally we answer a question or two by phone, or log in remotely to complete an installation, but it goes smoothly. The Orion License Server is very reliable and we have very few issues once it is installed.”

-Matt Wise, Director of IT, Blueprint Software Systems

Synchro provides 4D simulation solutions to the construction industry. We host the Orion Server in our datacenter to offer Internet-based automated activation and node-locking on both connected and disconnected systems (via Orion’s ‘sneakernet’ capability). With Orion’s option controls we can issue Synchro Client as either Professional, Express, Workgroup or Project Constructor-level licenses for our application, set the licensed version level, and enforce a time limit for trial installations, all from the one executable we provide to all users. After a re-evaluation of currently available licensing solutions we upgraded to Orion from an older activation system from the then-current market leader in licensing technology, as we needed a more capable solution with the option of offering our larger customers floating licenses managed by a license server with full flexibility of the server deployment on our or their premises. Orion has readily met all our requirements, and even though we are 8 time zones away in the UK we have found Agilis very easy to work with, and their support to be excellent.”

-Tom Dengenis, CEO, Synchro Ltd., UK

Mercury needed a flexible licensing system with support for bulk licensing on both connected and disconnected systems for our multicore libraries running on IBM-based blade servers. We selected Agilis’s versatile, robust Orion Network Licensing Platform, to provide activation with automatic node locking of trial and production licenses on individual boards running embedded Linux on a PowerPC machine architecture.”

-Randall W. Dean, Vice President of Services and System Integration, Mercury Computer Systems

We have a great working relationship with Agilis. We go to Agilis with a problem and issues, and Agilis comes back almost instantly with answers and a solution.”

-Brian Peterson, Software Development Lead, FICO Corp.

Since Orion supports Internet-based product activation and floating licensing with the same client library and a single application integration, we didn’t have to ask Engineering to make changes to our application when we added floating licensing from a redistributed license server to our hosted product-activation licensing deployment.”

-Saeed SiddiquiVice president, Q&A, NumeriX

FirstHand Technologies develops and distributes software for mobile cellular devices and servers. Orion has provided us a flexible and scalable solution that was easily adapted to our tiered software distribution model. We have also been able to effectively manage our trial and evaluation process. We had the system operational within a couple of weeks with excellent documentation and support.”

-Vish Raju, VP Product Management, CounterPath (formerly FirstHand Technologies)

Wave7 Optics, Inc. is a market leader in the fiber-to-the-home and business (FTTX) optical access market. The Last Mile Link(tm) (LML) optical access system effectively overcomes traditional cost and implementation barriers to the bandwidth capacity bottleneck in the last mile of communications networks. The commercially available LML product suite provides solutions that specifically address residential, business, and multi-tenant customers with a unifying architecture providing a complete triple play of voice, video, and data services.
We chose to use Orion in some of our more strategic realtime embedded VxWorks-based LML hardware, to license advanced software and hardware features. This allows us to manufacture fewer, more functional models, which have a base configuration with additional revenue producing features that may be software enabled.
As well as offering a flexible, robust licensing solution, Agilis is a great company to work with – they quickly understood what we needed, and responded with a complete solution much faster than expected. Support also sets Agilis apart; they consistently respond to all of our inquiries in a timely manner and incorporate our input as features in future Orion releases.”

-Dan Stupka, Senior Software Engineer, Wave7 Optics, Inc.

We needed a secure licensing solution for our high-value Enterprise Developer Testing solutions that would support our needs and be easy to deploy in our customer base. After extensive research, we concluded Orion internet-based technology was the sole solution that met our needs for flexibility, security, scalability and ease of deployment. Agilis is the only company to offer a modern internet-based licensing system that fits smoothly into our customers’ varied network environments.”

-Kent Mitchell, Director of Product Management, Agitar Software, Inc

Orion gives us the flexibility, security and scalability we need to roll out a sophisticated game experience to millions of users. By combining current internet, security and database technologies, Agilis has developed a powerful solution for online subscription management.”

-Keith Halper, CEO, Kuma Games

I like dealing with your team. They are fast and technically knowledgeable, an excellent combination that larger companies just are not capable of.”

-Roy Souther,Silicon Tao Technology Systems

The support from Agilis, especially the question-to-answer-time, is much shorter than from every one else.”

-Jürgen P. Sonsalla, Technical Consultant, parcs IT-Consulting GmbH